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Laser Treatment

Dental Laser

Laser is acronym for light Amplification by stimulated emission of energy. Today laser technology has its influencing our life in many ways.

Its advancements in field of medicine and dentistry are playing major role in patients care and well being.

Advantages Of Lasers :

Major and most advantage of lasers is ,there is less or no blood loss for surgical procedures.

Optical co-agulation seal blood vessels without thermal cauterisation or carbonation.

Minimise post-operative inflammation and discomfort.

Healing occurs faster.

Reduces patients discomfort and need of anaesthesia.

Effective treatment results can be achieved in oral treatments.

Types :

There are different types of Lasers. Mainly

Applications Of Lasers On Soft Tissuses :

Laser assisted soft tissue curettage and gum surgery.

Laser assisted bacterial decontamination.

Gingivectomy and gingivoplasty.

For soft tissue incisions ,excisions and biopsies.

Hemostasis and operculectomy.


Implant recovery.

Periodontal conditions like sulcular debridement, removal of diseased, inflamed, infected periodontist.

Applications Of Lasers On Hard Tissuses :

Caries removal and cavity preparation

Re-countouring of bone

Endodontic therapy

Laser etching

Caries resistance

Teeth whitening

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