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Immediate Implant

Immediate Implant

In cases where bone condition and density are favorable, dental implants (can be done by Shiv Dental – Best Dentist Near Bharat Nagar) can now be embedded after tooth extraction. Such techniques being referred to as immediate implants, one-day implants, single day implants or same day implants. This means that the patient have new tooth roots upon leaving the office. Its advantages are evident in that flawless technique and use of implant sizes are more than/ equal to root size, allows lesser resorption and morphological ridge contour preservation. Moreover, this surgical procedure also allows a better final rehabilitation since it facilitates accurate prosthetic fabrication while maintaining the natural tooth angle and emergence profile.Needless to mention is the instant gratification it provides the patient. Immediate extraction implant however requires careful case selection and careful extraction of the tooth.

Achieving good primary stability is the key factor in success of immediate implants since stability is often achieved with the bone to implant contact in the apical drilled portion of the osteotomy. In the event of buccal plate fracture during extraction, grafts and GBR techniques maybe used to improve prognosis only if sufficient primary stability of the implant maybe achieved.

Immediate implant placement in extraction socket :

Benefits of Immediate Implants :

Good esthetic results.

Shorter treatment time with minimized pain.

Immediately functioning teeth.

However, immediate loaded implants does not apply to all cases and is largely dependent on the individual’s bone quality and condition.

There are certain conditions that preclude the procedure of immediate loading. The decision to immediately load the implant is largely dependent on a large extent on the clinical judgment of the operating surgeon.

However, certain rules must be kept in mind :

The patient should be healthy and compliant with good oral hygiene.

Good bone quality and quantity is a prime requirement for immediate implants to be successful

The site selected for immediate loading should be free from any infection. Infact even the neighboring teeth should be free from radiologic/clinical signs of infection.

Even in good bone quality and quantity cases, if the drilling technique removes a lot of bone so that primary implant stability is not attained, immediate loading should not be attempted.

Stable relationships between opposing teeth.

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