Smile Gallery

Smile Designing: Most people are surprised to know that modern dentistry and techniques can help to reshape their teeth, smile and entire appearance and help them lead a more confident and joyful life.

Designing a smile requires an expert doctor with years of experience and the creativity and skills to deliver good results. Smile designing includes coming to the dentist with a vision of what you want the smile to be like . the dentist then performs a series of exams on your teeth like evaluating the bite, the colour of the rest of the teeth, the shape etc and will take digital pictures of what they currently look like. Then by using designing softwareand incorporating the patient's desires, they are able to create an " after" image to show the patient what they could look like after the treatment has been completed. The patient can then either accept the changes or in turn suggest some more specifics and once the final look has been agreed upon, the treatment is commenced and the end result is achieved as close to the 'mock-up' as possible. This way , the patient is able to get a fairly good idea of what they could look like prior to going in for any major reconstructive work.

Case1: Amount of gum tissue seen is drastically reduced with Laser Gum Lift & Porcelain Veneers.

Case2: Before …. & after whitening, gum lift & metal free veneers & crowns

Case3: Before & after the gum lift with metal free crowns/veneers

Case4: Comparison after gum sculpting, whitening & veneers

Case5: Before …. & after Whitening, Laser gum lift & metal free crowns

Case6: Smile correction with Composite bonding

Case7: Amount of gum tissue seen is drastically reduced with Laser Gum Lift & Porcelain Veneers.

Case8: 1) Crowded appearance of teeth with average smile. 2) Evenness of Smile restored with Metal Free Ceramic Crowns.

Case9: 1) Tetracycline stained teeth 2) Metal free ceramic crowns and veneers giving a confident smile.

Case10: 1) Missing teeth with low confidence value in patient 2) Teeth replaced with Ceramic Bridges & confidence in smile is evident

Case11: 1) Pretreatment photos with an average smile. 2) Excellent smile with Zoom Whitening & Porcelain Veneers.

Case12: 1) Gaps present in front teeth. 2) Gaps closed with Porcelain Veneers after Zoom Whitening.

Case13: 1) Patient seeking smile makeover 2) Smile designing done with ceramic veneers

Case14: 1) Average smile with gaps present 2) Beautiful smile created with Procera Crowns

Case15: 1) Uneven smile. 2) Smile designig done with metal free Procera veeners & Crowns.

Case16: 1) A case of open bite with worn out teeth. 2) Smile improved with Metal Free Ceramic crowns

Case17: 1) Average looking old Composite bonding on the front teeth 2) Smile restored with Porcelain Veneers